Window Tinting Equipment and Tools

window tinting process

We know that window tinting saves people hundreds of dollars on their cooling costs, but how, exactly, is it installed? Understanding the types of equipment and tools needed to install window tinting can help take some of they mystery out of the process. Professionals installers like John Barnes Window Tinting use a range of tools and equipment to seamlessly install window film on residential and commercial properties.

Enjoy a short introduction to the tools of the window tinting trade. (more…)

The Best Way to Buy ATV Helmets for Kids Online


There are those people who say that purchasing ATV helmets online is tricky and that the best way to buy a kids’ ATV helmet is by having your child try it on at the store and if it fits, get it right then. However, for most of us working folks, this is not always a possibility. We often get tied up at work all day long, and by the time we finally get home and have the time to go shopping, we find that a majority of the stores have already closed. This is just a fact of life. For us busy people, purchasing kids’ ATV helmets online, is often the solution we need. (more…)