The Best Way to Buy ATV Helmets for Kids Online


There are those people who say that purchasing ATV helmets online is tricky and that the best way to buy a kids’ ATV helmet is by having your child try it on at the store and if it fits, get it right then. However, for most of us working folks, this is not always a possibility. We often get tied up at work all day long, and by the time we finally get home and have the time to go shopping, we find that a majority of the stores have already closed. This is just a fact of life. For us busy people, purchasing kids’ ATV helmets online, is often the solution we need.

ATV Helmets for kidsBuying kids’ ATV helmets online is not as risky or as difficult as some people think. Here are some tips for purchasing the helmets online to get you going. First however, we want to remind you, that kids should never be allowed to wear adult-sized helmets. Even if the helmet has been designed to be “super extra small” in size, or marked “dwarf size”, do not let your child wear it. ATV helmets for kids are specifically designed to protect their delicate heads. Therefore, when purchasing a helmet, make sure it has been specifically designed for children.

When purchasing kids ATV helmets online, the first thing you need to do is to find a reliable online dealer. The best way to do this is to ask your friends, ask your buddies whom you go riding with, or you can visit forums and message boards online to find out their opinion of reliable online dealers like It is important that you correctly measure your child’s head. Carefully take these measurements and write them down; this should include your child’s age. These measurements are important because you will be using them when you buy the helmet.

As you are doing your window-shopping for a safety equipment for a child, it is always a good idea if he or she can be there with you. By getting to help choose their own helmet, they are more likely to enjoy wearing it, as opposed to detesting the one that you pick out. When a kid gets to pick out his own helmet, he is much happier, knowing that he chose the helmet himself, as opposed to having it chosen for him by someone else.

ATV helmet for childrenAs you do your online shopping, you need to make sure that the measurements of the helmet will actually fit your kids head. You want to be as close as possible to the exact size of your child’s head.

It is important that you are aware of the exchange and return policy of the retailer. Because you are not going to be able to test the size of the kids’ ATV helmet before you purchase it, you want to have the ability to return or exchange the helmet if necessary, allowing you to get the proper size. You will find that the majority of experienced and reputable helmet retailers online have these exchange policies in place.

When the day comes that the box arrives, be sure that you keep all packaging intact. Do not tear things apart or throw anything away just yet. Some ATV helmet retailers are really particular when it comes to packaging. They want to be able to resell any returned products and therefore require the returned product to be in a condition that is re-salable. That is a good enough reason to keep the packaging intact for now; don’t forget.

Many people mistakenly say, “It’s too troublesome to mail it back and wait for the replacement.” Don’t be one of those people! If the seller of the kids’ ATV helmet has a good exchange and return policy, it is better for you to get the proper size helmet or your money back, as opposed to forcing your child to wear a helmet that does not fit properly.